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Mother's Day Candle

Mother's Day Candle

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This exclusive Mother's Day candle is available for a limited time only, making it a coveted and special gift for celebrating the cherished mothers in your life.

With its captivating blend of plum, amber, jasmine, and light woods, "Plum Blossom Serenade" offers a luxurious and enchanting fragrance experience that is sure to make Mother's Day celebrations truly memorable.

Delight mom's senses with the harmonious blend of juicy plum, rich amber, delicate jasmine, and airy light woods, creating an enchanting olfactory symphony reminiscent of a serene spring evening.

Fragrance Notes:
  1. Juicy Plum: A luscious top note of ripe plum fills the air with its sweet and fruity aroma, evoking memories of indulgent spring fruits.
  2. Warm Amber: The heart of the fragrance is enveloped in the richness of amber, adding depth and complexity with its cozy and resinous scent, reminiscent of a warm embrace.
  3. Sensual Jasmine: Delicate jasmine petals intertwine with the plum and amber, infusing the fragrance with a floral elegance and a hint of romance.
  4. Airy Light Woods: Subtle notes of light woods gently balance the sweetness of the plum and amber, adding a touch of earthiness and tranquility to the scent.


 Available in three of our luxury vessels. Please make sure to select the proper container you’d wish for your candle to be poured in.

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