Meet the Maker

Hey there everyone, welcome to Candle Bazaar! The one woman shop ran by me, Veronica :)

As a creative who wanted to gift more than just an ordinary store bought item to my family during the holidays, I went on the quest to find something that I could make that would be special and unique. This is what led me to the wonderful world of candle making! 

My focus for Candle Bazaar is to be a marketplace of premium, scented home products offered to you through our variety of collections. Not everyone has the same taste, which is why the creation of collections came about and is truly our main focus; to be able to honor many people with their preference of scent in an upscale manner. 

You and your loved ones play a factor into each creation which is why I keep the ingredients clean + toxin free & maintain quality by hand pouring in small batches. 

May you enjoy your goodies, as much as I enjoy creating them!

XO, Veronica