Candle Care - Why Trimming Your Wick Matters So Much

Yes, here we go again. The same topic that I scream at the top of my lungs when it comes to candle care: trimming your wick!

It may seem like a simple task that can go ignored, but trust me when I tell you, DON'T! 

To begin with, the length that your trim your wick is important. Cutting only a tiny bit won't make a difference, and cutting it too low will more than likely lead to your wick turning off on its own. So what's the ideal length? 1/4 of an inch. This size is just enough to make sure that the wick burns efficiently.

Trimming your wick to 1/4" inch before re-lighting your candle makes all the difference. Here are the reasons as to why it matters so much:

  • lower flame - with a shorter wick comes a shorter flame, so not only is this candle care tip important for the sake of your candle, but also for safety as well. With the lower flame, you can avoid the container reaching very high levels of heat as well as the flame potentially reaching objects around the area. 
  • less soot - when a wick is left without trimming, the fact that it is longer than it needs to be means that you are reburning a burnt wick. This leads to soot being released into the air (soot it the black, smoke when a candle burns). While the wick size also affects this (which is where I come in to do my job in creating the candle properly), it cannot be as avoided if the wick is not trimmed as it should. 
  • more burn time - since the flame will be shorter once candle is lit, the wax will burn at a slower rate. Hence, it will have a greater burn time, and who doesn't want a longer lasting candle to continue spreading such a beautiful scent! 

 With all the pros to trimming your wick, why would you not do it from here on out?

And if you're ever in need for the best tool for it, check out our wick trimmers! 


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